Wax Rope Fire Tinder with Striker and Tin – 20 Pieces of Waxed Jute


Warmth is critical in any kind of emergency event, and when you don’t have it nearby, it quickly becomes the #1 priority. Whether its from natural disasters, long power outages, off-grid survival scenarios or any number of other events, having a reliable fire source that is resistant to water, wind & other weather is important.

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In any kind of emergency, warmth is critical to your survival.

Depending on what is going on around you, weather or lack of materials may prevent you from being able to quickly get a fire going.

But with a waxed jute fire starter kit, you will be able to reliably start a fire with it having not only the highly flammable materials needed, but also comes with a ferro rod and striker stick for you to get the sparks needed to ignite it pretty much anywhere.

Waxed jute is the perfect material to bring along for any emergency kit – it is a small bundle of twine that has been coated in wax, making it highly flammable and easy to ignite. With just a bit of fraying of the ends, and some sparks from a ferro rod, you will have long lasting fire source.

Whether you use it for camping our outdoors adventures, or tuck it away in an emergency kit, they are a great compliment to other generic fire starts like matches or butane lighters because you can rely on them in poor weather conditions.

This jute rope fire starter has 20 pieces included in a small sealed tin, along with a ferro rod with a scrapper and strike stick.

To start a fire with it you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather small kindling and sticks to add after jute fire is lit.
  2. Take out 1 or 2 pieces of jute from the tin.
  3. Take a knife or other sharp edge and unravel or fray one of the waxed jute ropes.
  4. Form the frayed twine into a loose ball or nest.
  5. Place twine ball in middle of your fire pit or wherever you plan on building the fire safely.
  6. Use the waxed jute fire starter included in the tin to ignite the twine ball.
  7. Slowly add more kindle of larger sizes to start a long lasting fire that will keep you warm.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

1 review for Wax Rope Fire Tinder with Striker and Tin – 20 Pieces of Waxed Jute

  1. R. Murphy (verified owner)

    I am a Scoutmaster who works with 11-17 year olds, training them to be confident starting a fire WITHOUT MATCHES and passing on that skill to others. Your waxed jute and top-knotch flint & steel was just the ticket. Our last fire was blazing in under a minute with 2 strikes of the flint & steel. Great product linked with “fat wood” tinder and a ball of dryer lint.

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