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Sirius Survival is proud to be a family owned and operated company. Located just outside of Buffalo, NY, we develop and sell products we are passionate about and provide jobs to hard working Americans. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a great seamless buying experience and quality products that they can rely on for many years and adventures to come. Our world class customer service team is comprised of leading industry professionals who have real world experience and a passion for the outdoors. We are constantly improving our website and internal processes to always allow us to provide better service to our valued customers. Sirius Survival focuses on the outdoor and survival industry if you have any questions on our products please call us today. Thank you for taking the time to check out our site.

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Fast shipping: All items are in stock. If an order is placed before 2pm Eastern Standard time it is shipped out the same day.

Quality Products: We strive to provide only the best quality items possible. Be ensured when buying that the item you get you will be satisfied with.

United States Customer Service: Our world class customer service experts are all right here in the US and can offer prompt, courteous, professional help when you call.

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