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Bug Out Bag Essentials

Having the very best bug-out bag should be a priority of yours. Everyone needs a survival pack that’s assembled and ready to go. You just never know what might happen. We’ve created a comprehensive list of over 40 items that you should have included in your bug-out bag. At least 3-days worth of food and […]

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Home Invasion

Safety is of the utmost importance. We often talk about being prepared for when things are happening outside of your home and you need to stay safe inside. What we don’t talk about nearly enough is what to do if the inside of your home is ever in danger. Do you know what to do, […]

How To: Make Your Own Compass

Having access to a compass could be the difference between you being able to get yourself out of the wilderness and into safety, and continuing to be stranded. Many cell phones have compasses built-in, and you obviously have your navigation tools. But relying on a cell phone is not a good idea. Depending on your […]

Pre-Packed Bug Out Bag

You know that you need a bug-out bag. We’ve made it clear how essential it is for your safety and preparedness to have a bag packed and ready to go in case of an emergency. Whether it’s a man-made emergency or mother nature, you’ll want to be sure you are prepped and ready to go […]

Weeds You Can Eat

No matter where you live, work, or play, you’re probably coming into contact with a wide variety of weeds every single day. Weeds often go unnoticed or are pulled from gardens to make way for flowers. However, weeds are not just a nucince. They can actually be extremely helpful. Did you know there are several […]

Do You Have Situational Awareness?

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe is to exhibit situational awareness. A lot of people talk about having it, and how important it is, but not too many people really talk about what it is or how to exhibit it. Some people recommend keeping “your head on a swivel” and essentially this […]

Prepping From an Apartment

A lot of the articles we post on Sirius Survival are about being prepared, having the proper tools and necessities if SHTF, and what items to keep in your survival kit. What we don’t talk about as much are other factors that can help keep you protected. More specifically, we don’t often mention what can […]

How To: Treat Burns

Several weeks ago we talked about the varying degrees of burns that can occur. Hopefully, this is never something you have to experience. Unfortunately, first-degree burns are fairly common. In fact, since they aren’t commonly reported, there is limited data on how many people are experiencing first-degree burns each year. Touching a hot stove, getting […]

Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), a bureau of science within the United States Department of Interior, it’s estimated that there are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world every single year. Out of those 500,000 detectable earthquakes, about 100,000 are able to be felt by people. Approximately 100 of those quakes cause actual […]

Degrees of Burns

Did you know that according to the American Burn Association over 1.1 million people are treated for burns every single year? I’m sure that number is even higher, but many go unreported. If you’ve ever been burned then you know how painful it can be. There are actually four categories that medical professionals group burns […]