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15 Essential Survival Items

Our team here at Sirius Survival spends a lot of time talking and interacting with our customers every day, and we love every conversation we get to have. We take pride in being able to guide and help anyone that reaches out to us. One of the main conversations we have on a regular basis […]

Signaling for Help

We talk a lot about the importance of being prepared. We break down what items to have in a bug-out-bag, how to master those survival skills, and how to prepare for a disaster. What we don’t discuss as often is what to do if you find yourself lost. How should you try to signal for […]

Top 5 Cold Weather Tents

If you ever find yourself sleeping outside in the winter you’re either a die-hard camping fanatic or a survivalist. Many people do actually camo in the winter months. Back in 2016, over 40 million people went camping during the year. These statistics were pretty evenly spread out between the summer months and the winter months. […]

Top 5 Camping Shovels

You know that if you head out camping you might want to be carrying a camping shovel with you. There are many uses for a shovel including the most obvious one – digging a hole. Shovels can be incredibly bulky and heavy so that’s why grabbing one that is specific for backpacking or camping is […]

The Top Camping Essentials

Ever headed out camping only to realize you forgot something important? Maybe it was your fire-starter, or your sleeping bag, or even your tent! Hopefully, this has never happened to you but I’m guessing it probably has. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of camping essentials for easy access, and to help make sure you don’t […]

Survival Skills to Learn From the Couch

Most of us have been spending a lot more time at home in the last several months. If you haven’t been able to get out as you normally would, don’t fret. There are tons of wilderness and survival skills to learn from the comfort of your home. Please don’t read this article and try […]

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

I’d assume that pretty much wherever you live you’ve experienced the annoyance of mosquitoes. Not only do they buzz in your ears, they bite, and leave nasty itching bumps. Depending on how sensitive you are to mosquitoes and their bites you may experience small, medium, or even large-sized bumps after the bite. Wikimedia Commons What […]

How To: Build a Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is a necessary skill if you ever plan on venturing out on your own. Surviving in the wilderness becomes a lot easier when you have fire. A fire pit can help make that possible. When you’re creating your pit there are two main things you should keep in mind. Safety and […]

10 Deadly Plants – Do Not Consume!

There are many plants around the world that can cause harm to humans if ingested. Some might even be plants you have in your garden. We aren’t saying you cant keep these plants in your yard, but you should be mindful of any furry friends that might try to eat them. You should also be […]

How To: Build a Fire

Having the ability to build a fire, and make it last, could quite literally save your life. Fires are needed for not only warmth but to give off light and to help you prepare or cook your meals. If you are truly in a survival situation you’ll want to have a fire within the first […]