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Must Haves for Your Winter Emergency Kit

If you’re a Sirius Survivalist then you already know the necessities for your winter car emergency kit, but do you have a winter emergency kit at your home too? There’s a pretty good chance that if there is a winter storm or blizzard that you’ll be stranded at home. Sometimes the snow really piles up and the plows just aren’t able to get there in time. You may be spending hours, even days, at home during a true snow storm. Back in 2006 Buffalo, New York experienced an extremely early but very impactful winter storm. It happened in October. Snow and ice covered the ground, the trees, and even utility poles. The heavy ice destroyed the landscape and thousands were left without power for a number of days. Pipes burst due to freezing temperatures and many Buffalonians were without water and power for over a week. In situations like this, especially when all major businesses are closed as well, it’s imperative to have a winter emergency kit. There are several things that can help you during a winter storm.

Food & Water

Many people, when they hear that a storm is coming, head to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk. But what if the storm wasn’t predicted? What if it ended up being a lot worse than meteorologists originally thought? If you did not have a heads up you’ll still need to be able to eat. Having non-perishable food and bottled water is a necessity for any survival kit, but especially for a winter kit. Depending on if the power has gone out or the water has been impacted you may not be able to use the tap. You may not be able to use the stove, microwave, or keep your fridge cool. Having food, such as granola bars, cans of fruit, cereal etc. is definitely a smart idea.

Batteries, Flashlights, & Candles

Hopefully you aren’t left without power, but if you are you’ll need to have access to light. During the day you’ll be fine, but once it starts getting dark you’ll want to be sure you have a way to light your home. Flashlights are a great tool to always have on hand. Make sure to keep them stacked with new batteries. You should also always have extra batteries just in case. It’s also not a bad idea to have candles as well. You just never know with electronics and you’ll be glad you had a backup. If you do choose to keep candles in your winter emergency kit then be sure you’re also including matches or a lighter as well.

Alternate Heat Source

If you find yourself without power you’ll definitely want another way to stay warm. It will be a difficult situation to try to stay warm during a winter storm. However, there are some great options. If you happen to have a home with a wood burning fireplace you’ll want to be sure you have logs available. Have a large size stash of logs in case power and heat aren’t restored for several days. You may also want to invest in a kerosene space heater. Additional clothing items are also essential. Long underwear is a great item to have in a situation like this. Also, have a supply of blankets readily available as well. You may want to invest in a military grade blanket or a chargeable heated blanket. Hand and foot warmers may also be something you want to include in your winter emergency kit. When choosing your items be sure you have enough for everyone in your family.


It’s probable that phone lines will be down during a winter storm but it’s pretty unlikely for a storm to impact the cellular network. You may not be able to charge your cell phone so be sure to have a car charger on hand. You can charge your cell, in order to communicate, in the car as a worst case scenario. Also, having a radio is a good idea as well. Many survival radios are solar powered, or can be hand cranked as well. Due to the fact that you probably won’t be able to watch the news on the television you’ll want to know when and where the plows or emergency services will be. Having access to a radio might be able to give you this information via a news broadcast.

First Aid Kit

As with any emergency or survival kit you’ll definitely want a first aid kit. If something were to happen, however minor, you’ll be glad you have some medical supplies on you. Basic first aid kits can be purchased from numerous places or you can create your own. Tweezers, band aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and gloves should all be in your kit. Depending on the needs of your family you may have other items such as medications in your kit as well.

Basic Tool Set

You’re probably not planning a home remodel during a snow storm but you may need to engage in minor fixes or repairs. Need pliers or a wrench to turn off the water valve? Need to cut away some branches to get to the power lines? Wish you had duct tape to help prevent a draft from the window? You should have these items on hand! It’s important to be able to have access to some basic tools such as a knife, hammer, wrench, pliers, duct tape etc. Depending on your personal preferences your tool kit may look different than someone else’s. All that matters is that you have direct access to these materials and items you may need.

Snow Gear

If you live in an area that experiences large amounts of snow I’m guessing you already have a sturdy snow shovel and salt for the driveway/walkway. However, you can never have too many or too much. Even if the roads aren’t plowed you are responsible for your own property. Having a clear driveway and sidewalk is required. Having a sturdy shovel and ice, or kitty litter, for your walkways will definitely be something to keep in your winter emergency kit.


Depending on where you live it may be a top priority for you to prep your winter emergency kit. Even if you live in an area that rarely sees snow it may also be a good idea to have these items on hand just in case. You never know what kind of weather is going to occur and it’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

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