15 in 1 Survival Kit – Emergency Tools & Kit for Survival Situations

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No matter the scenario, keep you and your family safe with the tools in this emergency kit. Whether you are using it during hurricanes, earthquakes or just a standard hiking or camping trips, all of the items inside can be used in a variety of situations.

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In almost any survival scenario, having a bag full of survival supplies is ideal.

But what if you don’t have the space or are traveling and lugging around a full survival bag just is not an option. You still want to be prepared, right?

Well Sirius Survival is now offering one of the most compact, survival emergency preparedness kits you can get, weighing in at just over a 1lb, but with 15 different tools included that can help you in countless emergency situations.

Our mini survival kit includes:

  1. Survival Knife
  2. Solar Blanket
  3. Fire Starter
  4. Paracord Bracelet
  5. Flashlight
  6. Emergency Whistle
  7. Wire Chainsaw
  8. Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen
  9. Compass
  10. Tinder Capsule
  11. LED Keychain Light
  12. 11 –in-1 Stainless Steel Tactical Card
  13. S-Clip
  14. Glass Breaker
  15. Waterproof Case


Hiking Specialty

This is one of the best hiking survival kits you can buy, as it is so compact, so lightweight and durable that you can easily pack it into any daypack no matter how small. When taking an adventure with the family or just yourself, having a kit like this can come in handy should something happen while you are out in wilderness.

Instead of packing all the different tools and gear you would need individually, we optimize the space and the items giving you room for other important things like extra meals or first aid kits. Put your mind at ease knowing that you are prepared for whatever challenge lays ahead.

Emergency Kit Specialty

This 15 in 1 pack is great for any emergency kit and their uses are practically unlimited. While it may only have 15 items inside, each of these items are equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios and things you may find yourself needing on the trip. Breaking glass, self-defense, warmth, shelter, fire, sawing, trapping, etc. You name it and it likely can be done with this kit!

So don’t go another day without having one of the best survival gifts money can buy – the survival hiking kit.

Dimensions: 7″ x 5″ x 2″ – Weight: 1lb 1 oz

8 reviews for 15 in 1 Survival Kit – Emergency Tools & Kit for Survival Situations

  1. Tucker P

    Good stuff to have for campers like me.. It comes with really a nice box. Doesn’t have much extra space for other survival tools. You never know when you can use the things in here. I just used the knife and light. But I can bet all other tools will be useful in my future camping.

  2. Shayne

    Highly recommend this kit! Its a fantastic emergency tool kit. Great value for the price. Every item is high-good quality and product is exactly as advertised. It is amazing for camping, hiking, and I take it hunting too. I will likely buy more for my friends.

  3. crego1dk (verified owner)

    Great present for our family gift exchange. Everyone ended up fighting over it given the uncertainty of the future. Item also shipped the same day I ordered it. Very happy with my purchase!

  4. CAROL MCCARTHY (verified owner)

    I looked at a lot of different survival kits before I went with the Sirius Survival Kit. Only this one included the blanket and a higher quality whistle and compass. Great value and important tools everyone should have.

  5. Jill J.

    I was looking for some different but useful holiday gifts. I ordered a survival kit and a rechargeable lighter and I was incredibly happy with the entire order and process. I ordered just a few days before Christmas and the order as promised arrived on Christmas Eve. The presentation was beautiful and the quality of the items was great. The prices were also very reasonable. I can see how this website and brand could be addicting and super useful to someone who lived outdoors, they have everything. I was really proud of my choices and they were loved by my adult children. Thank you for such a perfect 1st experience, you have certainly earned my business for future needs. Well Done team!!

  6. Candy S. (verified owner)

    Simple quality tools that serve there purpose.

  7. Tom Faiello

    My wife always finds the coolest gifts she knows what I like it’s the gift I keep going back to.

  8. Barry Standridge

    Fast shipping and even arrived a few days early. Perfect survival kit for any situation and would make a great gift for any occasion. Exactly as described with great quality. Thank you all! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    What kind of battery is used for the flashlight?
  1. 0 votes
    Q What kind of battery is used for the flashlight? answer now

    It uses 1 AA.

  2. What is the metal piece on paracord bracelet used for?
  3. 0 votes
    Q What is the metal piece on paracord bracelet used for? answer now

    It can be used to strike the ferro rod that is inside the buckle.

  4. How many solar blankets are included?
  5. 0 votes
    Q How many solar blankets are included? answer now

    It includes 1 solar blanket.

  6. What are the dimensions? Would it fit in a large pocket on a flight suit?
  7. 0 votes
    Q What are the dimensions? Would it fit in a large pocket on a flight suit? answer now

    The dimensions are: 7" x 5" x 2" - Weight: 1lb 1 oz

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