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How To: Build a Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is a necessary skill if you ever plan on venturing out on your own. Surviving in the wilderness becomes a lot easier when you have fire. A fire pit can help make that possible. When you’re creating your pit there are two main things you should keep in mind. Safety and […]

How To: Build a Fire

Having the ability to build a fire, and make it last, could quite literally save your life. Fires are needed for not only warmth but to give off light and to help you prepare or cook your meals. If you are truly in a survival situation you’ll want to have a fire within the first […]

Wildfires: Causes and Effects

Wildfires, also called bush fires, forest fires, grass fires, etc., are unwanted and unplanned fires that occur in the wild. Depending on what type of vegetation is being burned the fire’s name may change. Due to the fact that wildfires are unpredictable they are especially dangerous. With temperatures reaching more than two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit and […]