The Mole – 550 Paracord Survival Kit (Black)


A survival pack stuffed full with survival essentials this gives you the edge you’ll need in any survival situation.

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The “Mole” 550 Paracord Survival Kit
Why do we call it the mole you ask? It’s simple, Moles are compact, rugged, and tough animals and this kit is roughly the size of one and embodies those same characteristics. Specifically designed by our team to be compact and portable if you own one of these you’ll have no excuse not to be prepared at all time. Small enough to stick in your pants or coats pocket or simply clip it to your pack it doesn’t get any more portable than this. Stuffed full with survival essentials this gives you the edge you’ll need in any survival situation. Can you believe that there are 16 survival items packed into this? You heard that right! Wrapped up in over 20 feet of 550 paracord with a handy compass on the outside. Inside you’ll find tinfoil, an eye knife, cotton tinder, a ferro rod fire starter, fishing weights, swivels, fishing line, fishing hooks, floats.
1x Detachable compass
Used for navigation compasses can easily get you orientated and headed in the right direction.
1x D-shaped carabiner
This carabiner is not rated for climbing. This allows you to clip the survival kit on to a backpack or belt loop easily. Hook onto one end of a rope and you can raise your food up into the air to keep animals from getting into it.
30 feet of paracord
Easily the most useful item of this entire kit. Paracord can be used for shelter building, shoe laces, the interior strands can be used as floss, thread or fishing line. You can wrap it around the handle of tools for better grip.
1x fire starter rod
With this ferrocerium fire starter rod you will always have a quick and easy way to start a fire in any survival situation. Sparks shower at 5,500º F (3,000º C) to ignite a fire in any weather, at any altitude.
1x knife blade 
The blade included can be used to strike the fire starter to create sparks. The blade also allows you to cut the paracord included if needed.
1x Cotton ball
A cotton ball if kept dry is one of the best materials for starting a fire. This cotton ball can be used in combination with the fire starter that is also included. It will easily catch a spark created from striking the fire starter.
1x Aluminum foil
Can be used to reflect light for making an emergency signal. The aluminum foil can also be used to make attractive fishing lures for the fishing equipment that is also included.
2x  Fishing hooks
The fishing hooks in this kit offer an easy way to catch fish and other animals making your hunt for food that much easier.
2x Weights
The weights are used in combination with the fishing line and hooks. Attach the weight to the fishing line and this allows your fishing line, hooks, and bait to stay below the water.
1x fishing line (15 feet) 
Fishing line has many survival uses besides fishing. It can be used in combination with the needle that is included for sewing repairs. It can also be used for tying down tarps to create a shelter.
2x stainless steel swivels
Swivels are used for fishing. You take a small section of the fishing line about 6 to 8 inches and tie one end of the line to the swivel and one end to a fishing hook. Then take the rest of your line and tie it to the other end of the swivel. Swivels allow the fishing line to twist and move more freely. The use of a swivel while fishing helps to prevent tangles.
2x floats
Floats can be attached to the fishing line and keep the bait floating below the water at a specific desired level. If you watch the floats you will see then dip underwater when a fish takes the bait and is on the hook.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 2 in



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