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5 Things You Should Never Do During a Home Invasion

Safety is of the utmost importance. We often talk about being prepared for when things are happening outside of your home and you need to stay safe inside. What we don’t talk about nearly enough is what to do if the inside of your home is ever in danger. Do you know what to do, […]

Prepping From an Apartment

A lot of the articles we post on Sirius Survival are about being prepared, having the proper tools and necessities if SHTF, and what items to keep in your survival kit. What we don’t talk about as much are other factors that can help keep you protected. More specifically, we don’t often mention what can […]

Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), a bureau of science within the United States Department of Interior, it’s estimated that there are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world every single year. Out of those 500,000 detectable earthquakes, about 100,000 are able to be felt by people. Approximately 100 of those quakes cause actual […]

15 Essential Survival Items

Our team here at Sirius Survival spends a lot of time talking and interacting with our customers every day, and we love every conversation we get to have. We take pride in being able to guide and help anyone that reaches out to us. One of the main conversations we have on a regular basis […]

Staying Warm Without Heat

I am currently a New York native living in the state of Texas. A few weeks ago, the state of Texas experienced a snow and ice storm that it was not prepared for. As a previous New York resident I was pretty certain it wouldn’t be a big deal. A few inches of snow didn’t […]

Hypothermia: What is it? How Do I Get It?

It’s officially December. It’s freezing out. Depending on where you live in the states you know that the temperatures are dropping and it’s time to have a refresher on hypothermia.  Let’s dive in What is it? Hypothermia is a drop in body temperature that can be potentially dangerous. It is caused by exposure to the […]

I’m A Vegetarian – Would I Survive in an Emergency Situation?

If you’re a vegetarian, or you know someone who is, you may have wondered if they would survive in a survival situation. Maybe there’s a natural disaster and you’re forced to flee your home. Maybe you’ve gone camping but gotten lost and are forced to spend several days in the wilderness. Will you survive? Eating […]

Surviving During a Lightning Storm

You may not have ever thought that lightning can be especially dangerous. Most of us, during a lightning storm, or a storm where lightning is present are either safe inside our homes or in our cars. However, for survivalists, campers, and even hikers it’s a very real possibility that you are outside when lightning strikes. […]

Identifying Deer Tracks

When you’re out in the wilderness and you come upon animal tracks it is definitely helpful if you know what you’re looking at. Are you in the footsteps of a deer? Mountain lion? Bigfoot? Kidding. Having the basic knowledge to identify deer, and other common wildlife species is especially helpful when you’re out camping or […]

Why You Should Never Drink Seawater

If you find yourself in a survival situation you’re probably going to be doing several things within the first few hours. You’ll be searching for shelter, searching for or filtering water, and trying to find food. These are all necessary for survival. You may think that one of the best places to be stranded or […]