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Sirius Survival team tips for being prepared in survival situations.

There’s a major misconception out there that survival situations are just limited to having an injury while you are out in the wilderness. Yes, those are common and happen but you don’t need to be scaling some mountain or rafting down the Colorado River and something goes wrong for your life to be in danger. Survival situations can be all around us at any given time. The simplest things can escalate into a situation where you will need tools to survive. And that is the very mindset we strive every day to teach. Survival situations can be as simple as running your car off the road and getting stuck during a snow storm. Or the sudden and unexpected threat of a tornado touching down on a sunny Midwestern day without warning while you are in the comfort of your own home. Or something as simple as a prolonged and unexpected power outage. I can almost bet that every one of you reading this has either experienced one of those situations or had a close call with one. That should bring home the reality of these survival situations.

Importance of being prepared

The importance in being prepared for these situations every day is something that always needs to be on our minds. We can never know or expect when these situations will arise and we hope that they won’t. The next time that snow storm rolls into town have that simple survival kit sitting in your back seat packed and ready to go with survival essentials. We can be the ones that are prepared for our family and friends at all times for these unexpected events when they do happen. The simplest items can make situations all the more comfortable and survivable.

Multi uses and multi functions are key when deciding on survival tools

As you have probably already noticed many of the survival and outdoor products that we offer have multiple uses or multiple functions. The engineering design and idea behind that is simply that the more uses and functions that a single item can have the less items and gear you have to carry. Keeping things simple and basic in survival situations is a key to survival success. All of the products we choose have easy function, are simple, durable, and have reliable tested designs. Reliability and durability are key when selecting survival and outdoor gear. A great multi use tool that we suggest is our Big Daddy series fire starter. Not only is it one of the biggest ferro rod fire starter you’ve ever seen but it has a paracord handle that can be used for cordage in emergency or survival situations.

Simple tools can make situations easier

While we can’t tell you the exact formula to conquer your next survival situation because each situation is unique and different. We can sure point you in the right direction on the items and products necessary to make sure that next situation is a lot easier and more survivable. Take a look around at our store and read the descriptions of our outdoor and survival products. We have spent years of researching, hand selecting, and developing survival and outdoor products specifically to make survival situations easier and more survivable. Whether you are a seasoned hiker, a hunting guide in the Alaska wilderness, weekend warrior, or just planning your first great excursion into the outdoors. We have the essential survival items you need to be prepared.

Keep preparedness on your mind

No matter the time of year or the weather conditions we have a wide range of survival and outdoor gear for any condition. Whether you are putting together and emergency preparedness kit, adding essential survival items to your day hiking backpack our gear is ready for the task. When putting your kit together keep in mind what you expect achieve with each item. Do you want to keep an emergency survival blanket for warmth? Or do you want to put a fire starter in and be able to build a fire for warmth? Or have both? Keep in mind the size of the survival kit you wish to put together.

If you have any questions regarding our survival and outdoor products feel free to drop us a line on the Contact Us page and one of the members of our team will get right back to you with and answer.

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