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The Summer 2019 Survival Gear Checklist


Survival gear can be a broad all encompassing term. We are going to try and compile just a short list of great essential survival tools that we feel are absolutely necessary. As we always say, no one ever plans to be in a survival situation but if you are, having the right dependable gear can make all the difference.


  1. Fire starter
    Every time you head into the outdoors you should plan as if you could potentially get stuck out there all night long. Besides a great means of emergency signaling fires can still be a means to keep you alive at night during the summer. Up here in the North East this summer has been off to a very wet, rainy, windy start. If you end up in a situation getting stuck outdoors at night. With the rain, wind, and temperatures dipping down to around 60 degrees or lower that has the potential for hypothermia.

We suggest our BigDaddy Series Firestarter. This new take on the old flint and steel is hefty, durable and dependable. Guaranteed for over 12,000 strikes this could be the last fire starter you ever need to buy.

  1. Survival Knife
    Essential to any survival situation and endless everyday uses. Having a solid fixed blade knife can’t be overlooked. Whether you are looking to compile material to build a shelter, hunt for emergency food or just personal protection. A strong reliable knife is a must.

Check out this high quality knife with great real world customer reviews on it.

  1. Cordage
    Keeping at least 10 feet of paracord cordage on you at all times is way easier than you may think. From securing items to building a shelter. The uses for paracord have been well documented. 

Take a look at our line of Sirius Survival paracord bracelets.  This bracelet is made out of 8 to 10 feet of 550lb paracord for cordage, netting, binding, and much more. Paracord is perfect for hanging a hammock, cordage for a shelter, binding, first aid, and much more.
You’ll also find an easy sparking ferro rod fire starter / fire striker – start fires without a lighter!

  1. Emergency Shelter
    Having an easily accessible and quick to put up shelter can give you peace of mind when you are in the woods overnight.

This survival tarp / blanket folds up nicely to put in your pack but opens up to a comfortable 60’’ x 83’’. A nice blaze orange outer color for emergency singling. Can be used as a lean-to shelter by lashing ropes through the grommets. The interior side has a reflected surface for reflecting body heat back to you much like an emergency survival blanket.


Taking the time to add these items to your survival kit can be a huge difference maker when the time comes. These survival tools are light weight easy to carry and worth more than gold in a survival situation.

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