The Many Uses of Duct Tape

Duct tape has been around since the 1940’s – originally named DUCK tape, due to its waterproof properties, it is now known as DUCT tape. Which way do you spell it? It was first used to seal up leaky pipes in heating units. It quickly gained popularity due to its stickiness, the fact that it was waterproof, and that the adhesive was non-flammable. Since the 194’s duct tape has been upgraded to just a helpful tool to being known as the item to be able to fix anything.

From duct tape clothing, duct tape festivals, and duct tape contests, this particular resource is sold and manufactured by numerous companies and brands. Whichever one you choose to use, there is a huge repertoire of things it can help with.

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Shelter & Repair

  • Fix a hole in a tent lining
  • Screen repair on a window
  • Reinforce damaged tent poles
  • Use to keep tent entryway closed if zipper has broken
  • Put over windows to block sunlight
  • Temporarily repair a broken window bu using tape to hold broken glass
  • Temporarily patch up a leaky roof
  • Patch up a ripped tarp
  • Use to seal windows and doors from smoke etc.
  • Make a hammock or repair a damaged one

Clothing & Repair

  • Repair shoe by reattaching sole
  • Insulate boots and keep water/snow out by wrapping them in duct tape
  • Patch a hole in shoes or clothing
  • Hold broken glasses together
  • Hem pants by folding and taping
  • Help keep your loose pants from falling by creating a belt or folding and taping the waistline
  • Fix a strap on a shirt, backpack, or bag
  • Tape the ankles of your pants to prevent bicycle injuries, ticks, scratches, etc.
  •  Use to patch up a pocket with holes


Auto & Repair

  • Repair a leaky hose temporarily
  • Temporarily repair a tire by covering the hole and pushing tape into the hole
  • Keep the car hood down when thee’s a broken latch
  • Secure a headlight, or side-mirror that has come unattached
  • Tape over a broken window to prevent precipitation inside the vehicle
  • Tape closed a gas tank door if the latch is damaged or broken
  • Help secure any items that are being transported on top of the vehicle

Medical Uses

  • Can be used as adhesive tape to hold gauze in place
  • Create a sling for an injured arm/shoulder
  • Use as a substitute for an Ace Bandage to provide support for a joint
  • Water-resistant wound covering for humans or animals but taping over a sock, gauze, etc.
  • Use to wrap broken or injured ribs for support
  • Help ease the pain of crutches by adding padding
  • Use to create a temporary eye patch
  • Avoid blisters – put duct tape over your ankles/heels
  • USe to remove a splinter from the skin. Apply tape and quickly peel off
  • Use as a steri-strip temporarily



  • Attach gear to a belt loop or backpack
  • Repair shoelaces
  • Make a temporary dog leash or collar
  • Hang a lantern, or other items from a tree or your tent
  • Create a lanyard for glasses, face masks, etc.
  • Hide items underneath furniture by taping them to the top
  • Seal food containers
  • Fix a water bottle, pal, or bucket, with a hole in it
  • Add extra protection to a cardboard  box by taping the edges
  • Handcuff an intruder or tape someone to an immovable object for security purposes
  • Label gear or other boxes
  • Reattach a broken fishing pole or other supplies
  • Attach a spearhead to a stick for hunting purposes
  • Use as a marker to label your route while hiking
  • Use to remove feather/fur from animals you’ve caught


Now that you know how many incredible and handy uses there are just with this one item, be sure to add this resource to your survival bag or your backpack. You don’t want to be caught without it.



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