Pre-Packed Emergency Survival Kit/Bug Out Bag for 2 – 175+ Pieces


This emergency pack is full of emergency supplies that cover shelter, sustenance, self-defense, first aid and much more. This all fits neatly organized in just the smaller pockets of the backpack, and weighs in at a total of 13.5lbs.

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No time to research and build a bug out bag yourself? No problem, we have you covered.

Designed specifically for those looking for a well-rounded emergency bag, packed full of essential gear that can help you and a partner in a pinch. Shelter, first aid, sustenance, self-defense and any other survival needs you can think of are covered in this kit with more than 150 total pieces, and weighs in at only 15 lbs.

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  • 72 Hours of Supplies

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Kit Packed with Premium Essentials

Don’t go worrying about putting together the perfect survival bag, we got you covered so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are ready for whatever happens.

What You Get

Core Products Included


Sale Price

1 x 50L Premium Expeditionary Backpack



1 x Durahub Solar Battery Bank



2 x Datrex Blue Emergency Food



1 x Binolux 8x21 Binoculars



1 x 9 in 1 Tactical Flashlight



2 x Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bags



1 x Emergency Weather Radio



2 x Tactical Face Mask



1 x Vital Straw Water Filter



1 x Water Purification Tablets



2 x Weather Poncho



1 x 3pk Cling Tape Rolls



1 x 20-in-1 Fishing Multitool Card



1 x 100ft Bulk Paracord



1 x Leather Work Gloves



1 x Deck of Cards



1 x Irish Spring Soap Bar



1 x Box of Waterproof Matches



94 Piece First Aid  Kit



1 x Storage bag

1 x PBT bandage

1 x Bandage Triangular

12 x Adhesive strips

2 x Sterile gauze sponges

4 x Antiseptic wipes

2 x Cleansing wipe alcohol free

6 x Povidone-Iodine prep pad

1 x Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Device

1 x Versatile Bandages

1 x Emergency thermal blanket

1 x Whistle

2 x Disposable PVC Gloves

40 x Cotton Buds

1 x Compass

1 x Steel hand chainsaw

1 x Multitool Steel pliers

12 x Screwdriver bits

15 in 1 Survival Kit



1 x Solar Blanket

1 x Fire Starter

1 x Paracord Bracelet

1 x Flashlight

1 x Emergency Whistle

1 x Wire Chainsaw

1 x Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen

1 x Compass 

1 x LED Keychain

1 x 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Tactical Card

1 x S-Clip

1 x Glass Breaker

1 x Waterproof Case

Kit Totals





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So Why a Sirius Bug Out Bag?

Designed by Experts

Designed around the most important necessities for emergency preparedness and disaster management - so you get the best tools for the job.

Peace of Mind

Take away the worry of the unknown. You and your family will be prepared for whatever comes your way with a fully-stocked bag.

72 Hour Support for 2

Stocked with First-Aid, warmth, communication, tools, food and water. Also plenty of room to add your own items and clothing.

Easy Evacuation

With everything fitting comfortably in a durable backpack, you can grab-and-go for any emergency that calls for it. No need to drag a box anywhere.

"Having an emergency bag like this is a must have. Gives me all the essentials from a first aid kit, emergency blankets, food and a lot more."

Jeff p.



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Sirius Survival Team

We know trust is earned, but hopefully these help:

Proudly assembled on demand in the USA.

Every bag we ship is hand packed right here in Buffalo, NY. We take our time to make sure that the bag contains the best items, and will keep our customers safe if they ever need to use them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a backpack instead of a crate??

A backpack allows for you to grab it and go in case of an emergency. A crate or box is good if you plan to shelter where you are, but why not have the option to be mobile if needed?

How did you choose the included products?

Our survival experts here hand-picked all of these items to cover you for a wide array of emergencies, while also being extremely aware of total weight of the bag. Survival is a balance of travelling light, but prepared, and we made sure to hit that sweetspot.

Where can I buy this kit?

You can purchase it right here on our website, and can find it on big name retailers like Walmart and Amazon as well.

Can I customize my order?

This kit comes as a standalone items but leaves you a lot of room for clothing or other personal belongings. If you are looking to build your kit from scratch, we do have a customized kit building tool here. 

Can I use this kit for my whole family?

This bag is specifically designed for 2 people with the items in mind. It also comes with food and water rations for 2 people for 72+ hours. While it will still be extremely beneficial for any size family, it will lack resources for more than 2 people than what we would safely recommend. Consider making sure to have a pack per 2 people in your family.

Can I contact your customer service team?

Of course. Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 430pm EST or you can send us an email at and we will get you an answer to any questions.

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Additional information

Weight 216 oz

Army Green, Camo, Digital Camo, Black, Tan