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5 Common Survival Prep Mistakes to Avoid

To those of you that have already purchased a survival bag or have packed your own, good on you! To those of you that have not yet, what are you waiting for? In today’s world you can never be too prepared, and if/when you need one, it will put you way ahead of most other people. Over time though there are a few mistakes we have seen people make when prepping a bag (and made our own mistakes as well.) If you find yourself doing these things, take pause and re-access your process or preparations.

Stockpiling Guns & Ammo Only

While guns play an important role in any survival situation (especially in world chaos scenarios) there is so many more things that you need to be prepared for and not focus solely on that. People focus on stockpiling guns and ammo, and forget about the other essentials. Cold weather and natural disasters, power loss, forced evactuation – all scenarios where all the guns and ammunition in the world would not be useful. Having a handgun and some is definitely something everyone should consider having, as well as the proper training for it. But please don’t forget about all the other things you need to be prepared.

Trust Pre-Made Packs without Testing Them

Buying a pre-made pack is a great idea, especially for those less educated on everything you should have. But the mistake people make is they buy a pack, then leave it tucked away somewhere without ever opening it up or checking everything in there. Most of these bags come with lots of components tucked in there, but hardly ever are those items ready to use immediately, let alone properly tested. While being prepared is a good first step, knowing what you have in there and how to use it is just as critical.

Using Generic Prep Lists

This should be prefaced with a note that generic checklists are NOT a bad thing at all. Like many of these points, being prepared at any amount is crucial. But these are inteded to be a starting point, and are far from the ending point of your preparations. A lot of times these lists contain a lot of the right items, but you may not have the faintest clue why some of the items on these list are so critical. (Paracord is a great example. It’s uses go so well beyond have some kind of rope. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our post on all the uses here – 10 Ways to use Paracord for Survival)

Not Keeping an Updated Supply List

There is so much more to a bad then just having it ready to go. In life or death situations, you need to know EXACTLY what you have. Conservation can save your life, so always know the exact amounts of everything you have and keep a proper inventory list for your bag and supplies. If you are anything like us, you have multiple bins/bags or other prep supplies ready to go, and things tend to get used from time to time. Making sure everything is accurate on those supply lists is very important.

Not Re-Assessing Every So Often

Getting everything in order and tucked away is enough right? WRONG. It is always important to stay on your toes and reassess your prepped supplies every once and a while. Things change in the world every day, new items become available that may be more efficient than what you have. Keeping up to date on things will only help your chances of survival when needed. Doing a quick scan about what is out there when checking over your supplies is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of this.

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