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10 Ways to Use Paracord for Survival

The reason paracord( or parachute cord) is used often in survival situations comes from the sheer strength of the cord, how lightweight it is, and how easy it is to use for a variety of situations. Whether you are looking to set a trap, build a shelter or need to start a fire, paracord can be your best friend.

Paracord has an extremely high weight threshold before it breaks, so it is widely considered the best material to have on you in the wild. It’s super lightweight and condenses down very well, typically into wrist straps or other bands that when unwound can have 10+ feet of cord in it.

So sure, its super helpful, but what can you really do with the paracord? Well here are 10 uses for it that can be super critical in survival situations for you:

Start a Fire

If you have ever tried to seal off the ends of a frayed piece of paracord, you know it is quite flammable. In a pinch it can be a great tool to get a fire going by just burning it.

Bonus Tip: You can also use the cord to start a fire with the bow and drill style method.

Use as a Bowstring

Paracord is very strong, which makes it ideal string for a bow. Find a couple of good strong branches for your bow and get the tension right, and you will have a solid bow out in the wild.

Make a Trap

Setting traps can be useful for finding food when your out in the wild, especially while you have other things to accomplish like setting up a shelter or tracking nearby water sources. You can typically remove some inner cord strands from a section of the paracord since you wont need the full 550lb tension, making your paracord last even longer.

Use it for Fishing

While its not ideal, you can use the thick paracord as a fishing line in a pinch. Typically fish will avoid line they can see, but if you can find murky water or make the water murky before fishing, sometimes it can work out for you.

More useful, is using the paracord to make fishing lures. By fraying some of the string, you can make a quick appealing lure that looks appealing to the fish. Put a hook through the paracord and melt the one end, and it will stay attached very well.

Suspend Your Belongings

MOst of the time when critters and bears are going to ransack your belongings, its because they are left to find on the ground. Using your paracord to tie up your things in a tree can not only keep it away from animals, but keep things clean and dry depending on the situation.

Make a Bola/Weapon

Typically if you need to protect yourself in the wild, having any sort of range can really help. Making a bola with some weight tied properly with paracord can help protect you in dire situations.

Build a Shelter

In order to make a sound shelter that you can rely on, paracord can be used to lash poles together to properly keep everything secured.  Can also be used to secure trap down as well to keep you dry if you are lucky enough to have one with you.

Suspend Yourself

In situations where you cannot sleep on the ground, you can use the paracord to tie either yourself of your hammock securely into trees. With a 550lb carry capacity, with proper knotting this will keep you safe and secure for the night.

Paracord can be used in so many situations, that picking up a some of it to keep on hand is a good idea. Check out our paracord selection here:

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