10 Paracord Projects

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of paracord. These parachute cords, dating back to the 1930s, were once used strictly for military grade operations. However, they are now a common sight among survivalists and crafters alike. Find out more basic information on paracord here.

If you are a true survivalist you know that paracord has numerous uses. It has uses ranging from trapping food to assisting with medical needs. In addition to being a great tool while outdoors, paracord can also be used for creating and crafting.

Here are 10 items you can make from paracord.

Paracord Belt: A belt made from paracord is not only fashionable but can also be used in survival situations. Many people wear paracord bracelets which uses approximately 12 feet of paracord to create. A belt however is at least 50 feet of rope. These extra feet may come in handy. For a 32 inch waist you’ll need approximately 50 feet of paracord. In addition to the cord you’ll also be using a buckle of some sort. Choose a buckle depending on how you want the finished product to look. You will need to decide which type of weaving you will want to use. There are 8 common patterns used for paracord projects but the “cobra” is probably the pattern you see most often. Learn the basics of these patterns here. Once you’ve picked your pattern begin weaving the cord until the desired length and attach the buckle.

Paracord Lanyard: A lanyard can come in handy for teachers, coaches, or anyone that carries an ID tag on the regular. It can also be used for hiking or to attach equipment to a belt. These are quick and easy to make. Find a clip or key ring you like and slide it on to the paracord and center it in the middle of the desired length. Begin to weave the paracord in the pattern you have selected. You will only repeat the weaving a few times and leave the rest of the cord a single strand to go around your neck. To complete the lanyard you can either tie it off in a knot or use an additional clip or fastener for more durability.

Paracord Watchband: In similar style to the paracord bracelet you can create a watchband. The only difference is you will need to find a watch face that you are able to attach the to the paracord mid-wrist.


Paracord Water Bottle Holder: If you’re someone that always has their water bottle with them then you definitely need this water bottle carrier. It can be attached to a backpack, a bag, or just looped around your arm. You will need 4 different paracord strands. They can be the same color or different colors, the choice is yours. You’ll start by folding all 4 pieces in half and looping them. Put the looped sides together in a diamond formation. Loop all 4 ends together and then double knot for stability and additional durability. The knot will also be in the shape of a diamond. The next step is to leave a few inches and then take 1 strand and double knot it again. This creates another diamond shape a few inches up the cord. Repeat for all strands. Repeat this process for the length of the water bottle. Once you are satisfied with the size of the carrier you’ll want to bring all 4 strands together and tie in numerous knots at the top. Again, add a clip the end to attach to a bag or simply leave it looped so you can carry it over your shoulder. This can be customized for your specific needs.

Paracord Dog Collar/Chew Toys: By adjusting the length of the paracord you can use the same technique for creating the belt or bracelet and make a stylish and useful collar for your fur baby. Again, you have the ability to choose the paracord colors and the design of the clip so you are able to customize your work. You may also want to make a dog leash from paracord as well! Remember, you are weaving the cord so you’ll need more than the length of the leash. In addition to collars and leashes you can use paracord to make chew toys for your pups. Due to the fact that paracord is so incredibly durable this material makes for a great chew toy. It will withstand the nibblers and even the roughest of tug-of-war players. Build it into unique shapes for even more fun.

Paracord Phone Charging Cable: If you own a cell phone you know that every few months you need to replace those pesky charging cables. They break, fray, and rip. Use paracord to weave around the cord and spare yourself the money of replacing it. Paracord will protect the phone cord from damage.

Paracord Hammock Chair: This lightweight hammock can be carried with you just about anywhere. Need somewhere to sit but don’t have a chair? Set up your paracord hammock and just relax. This is definitely a more advanced creation be sure you’re up for the challenge. There are numerous ways to create a hammock so find which one is right for you.

Paracord Phone Carrying Case: Due to the fact that paracord comes in so many colors a cell phone carrying case can be the perfect accessory. It is not only super durable but can be customized for your phone and your preferences. These cases can include a fastener so it can attach to your bag or jeans or can just be to protect the phone.

Paracord Christmas Tree Ornaments: Want your Christmas tree to be festive but badass? Make your ornaments out of paracord. Use various colors to create mini-trees, wreaths, candy canes, or even snowmen. The top loop of the paracord can be hung over the branches or you can use a simple hook (or even a bent paperclip) to act as a hanger.

Paracord Flip Flops: We all know those cheap flip-flop straps break before the summer is even over. Weave and wrap paracord around the plastic pieces that go between your toe and around your foot. Paracord is extremely durable and will save you from replacing your flops every few months. If you really want a challenge try replacing the straps completely.

Now that you’re full of ideas go grab your favorite paracord and get started on a new project!

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